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Title: GOLF BY THE NUMBERS...oh my....
Post by: Mike_Young on December 05, 2017, 09:01:09 PM
Want to have some fun....check these numbers out published in a magazine I saw today and produced by the WORLD GOLF FOUNDATION
"  The game of golf remains strong.  As these statistics form ASGCA, Golf 20/20 and WE aRE Golf illustrate, more golfers are playing more often and likely on a course touched by an ASGCA member."

And here are their facts:
70 billion dollar Golf Industry U.S. Impact
2 million- job with direct ties to golf
$3.9 billion-  annual amount raised by golf industry more than all sports combined...
76% golf played on public courses
25 millon golfers in the US
2 million- those trying golf for first time in US in 2015..more than anytime since 2002
29%- increase in number of youth golfers ages 6-17 in last three years
22% reduction in water use by courses since 2005
65%- golf courses who have upgraded irrigation systems in the past 10 years
77%- US courses who have taken steps to conserve energy
42- average number of new courses designed by an ASGCA member
96%- advised clients on water quality/availability
93% helped clients expand / improve practice facilities
93% added tees to accomodate juniors, women and new players.

THINK about some of these favorite is in Red....   you can make numbers say whatever you wish...
Title: Re: GOLF BY THE NUMBERS...oh my....
Post by: Tom_Doak on December 09, 2017, 11:38:00 AM
Those business numbers about economic impact are just a straight up b.s. way to inflate the truth by 5x or 10x.

I'd like to believe in the water reduction number but I wonder to what extent it is based on real data ... and whether all the closed courses count as "savings" ?